Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Thrifting versus Ebay

So I am receiving all kind of packages these days, USPS, FedEx, UPS, and they all contain vintage aprons. It's amazing how different the feeling can be when you open the package, from "wow" to "wish I'd have never spent a penny on that one". Since there are more to come, I will just see how successful my bidding adventures will turn out overall. What always amazes me is that the thrift-stores are at the pulse of trends, it never fails. The 2 or 3 aprons that hang there are priced very high, and the shape isn't pristine either. Usually they are gone in a flash though.
A hot trendy vintage item is hard to come across. Off to making my own aprons? Yes, I think so. Some of these very old faded aprons will serve me as templates, this saves time and I don't need to prepare a pattern. I wish I knew what the next trend will be, so, I would get ahead of everyone else and buy the items now, cheaply, because, boy oh boy, trendy vintage can cost a buck!
(The above picture shows a pile of vintage aprons that I am very happy with)
Well, I found tons of great stuff at "my" thriftstore in town. None of the finds is probably a trendsetter, but everything is useful for future projects. (And some coolio clothes that just need to get tossed into the washer and look amazingly good)
- vintage serger thread cones, 5 big bags, poly and cotton, all different colors, a huge saving even though it was not half-off day.
- Macrame cord, will be used for bag and belt projects, I cannot knot:(
- crochet book with amazing patterns, 1970
- sewing patterns, very nice
- ribbons and laces, some craft ribbons to package my products, looks so much nicer than the Dollar store ribbons
- 80s sweater with batwing sleeves, wow, what a cool thing, I hope this trend will come back.
More skirts and tops, I think I got the first batch of "new" arrival T-shirts and blouses for this season, because it's still freezing and cold. Strangely there were no decent sweaters but a few.

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