Sunday, January 27, 2008

Work in progress -- Spring cotton doily tam

Preview of new designs: tams based on vintage doilies, created with strong cottons but with a delicate and breezy feeling. Translating the playful doily into the tam design with no further frills.
Spring is in the air today and Sid and I went on a little road trip through rural areas of neighbor counties. We were daydreaming about getting a small piece of land by a river or with a pond and create a close-by weekend getaway, totally secluded and 100% country. Actually we'll look into the market this coming week and see how much our dream would cost and what's out there.
After all, right now is a buyer's market and what can be more substantial and of lasting value than land. I see so many possibilities of organic gardening and growing a lot of our own food.

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