Thursday, January 10, 2008

Been shopping -- New inspirations

I have finished my wholesale order and a few more of my best seller hats, it's time for new OOAK creations. and a bit of ME - time, a silent New Year's resolution I came up with, pampering myself, the body & soul, not the working machine of the pre-holiday madness.
So, I gave myself 2 half days off to go shopping. (I had been to Stage for new summer tops already after Christmas, so I was not really after new ready-to-wear clothes made in Vietnam).
I got my thrills at the thriftstore: I carried 4 heavy bags out of my favorite 2nd hand goodwill store. Superb quality linen skirts, more skirts and dresses, a great load to upcycle and repurpose. Yeah. Notions, buttons, 70s crochet mags, new corduroy fabric, ribbon...Oh Happy Day:)
At Hobby Lobby: Simplicity patterns went on sale, and even though I don't follow commercial patterns they are very valuable in creating certain fits and styles. And I really liked what I saw, especially the new "project runway" patterns and the styles designed and advertised by Ms Ali. Those would look cool in vintage double knit, or just hippie cotton and hemp as well. I have to admit, I gave the Hobby Lobby cashier a hard time, I purchased 120(!) patterns and caused a major problem when I reached a critical sum of identical items purchased. An error message popped up at the cashier window and only with the help of the store manager was I able to check out. Mind you, Hobby Lobby has a new policy of only 10 patterns per customer per visit, well, they let me have them after all.
Here are a few designs that I will use as inspiration, and inspiration only (no products for sale made with commercial patterns as this is violating copyrights). You can find the patterns at a great price at my supply store, check it out.
Visit Retrochicboutique to find these new patterns later this week.
And finally at Hastings where I got 2 issues of interweave crochet and a used book with lots of ideas to reconstruct an outdated wardrobe "Cheap Frills".

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