Monday, February 18, 2008

Flashback --- 1970s and 1980s

We bought a new scanner and Sid is going through the task of scanning some of our old photographs. I hadn't looked at my old pictures for ages, but glanced through the pile on his desk this morning. I grabbed 2 of them and took a quick digital camera shot. The quality is not the best for that matter, but I am not sure I want to post them clearer anyway, because, I think they are quite weird.
Pic 1: 1977 in France, I started my permed hair phase a la Barbra Streisand and wore ridiculous short bangs, corduroys, India cotton blouse and Swedish clogs.
Pic 2: With my younger cousin at my grandparents house, all "dressed up" for a Sunday afternoon in the mid 1980s. 80s attire, pumps, pleated pants and ruffled blouse ...what a tacky sight:)


High Desert Diva said...

...but so much fun to look at!

Infinite Cosmos said...

those are some great pics!!