Sunday, February 10, 2008

So many ideas -- so little time

I really had good intentions to keep up posting a new design/idea for each February day, but life had different plans. But, isn't flexibility key?
I worked on new ideas, just as I had promised to myself, but didn't take the extra time to post them since I had a big order of custom hats to fill. I believe taking care of your orders is priority.
In my little spare time I made a tam with scrap yarn and a fuzzy second strand of yarn to have an interesting "material blend", to be finished soon. (See picture above)

More "material blending"...rayon/cotton blend held together with a normal worsted cotton yarn (the one you would use for potholders)>>>the result is a very nice structure of slight sheen and great weave. BTW rayon is a natural fiber, used for tropical wear mainly, but it may not hold up very well on its own, blended with cotton it becomes ideal for hats.
Last but not least, I have have received a super yarn package from an Ebay yarn seller, filled with hemp/virgin wool blend yarn in "forest" colors, this one is called walnut and has a super rustic feel to it. Unlike most hemp/wool yarns this one is of very nice even thickness...and it smells of sheep though since it contains the natural oils of the wool>>>being virgin wool. A great product for the nature lovers among us. I will hand-wash these hats before sending them out though, I used to wear virgin wool socks, and the smell is one not to be ignored even though you may not have a sensitive nose.

Off to work on today's idea, which is very intriguing, hopefully I can share it tomorrow and get back on track.
Don't you sometimes wish you could only enjoy the part of designing prototypes and leave the production for sale up to your devoted busy bee employees? Well, this is what distinguishes a crafter from a "designer", we just do it all. Work up our ideas, reproduce them, pack them, ship them, answer all the business emails, read crafty forums, read other blogs, cook dinners, clean houses and hopefully spend time with spouses and children, too. If you ask me, that is what truly handmade is all about.
Besides crocheting and more crocheting:), we took a ride to Kaw lake to look at a country side property which may meet our idea of a "weekend getaway from civilization". We couldn't see if the property line reached the river bank (we love to fish), so, we may go back with a realtor to see more. It has a livable double-wide and huge acreage. It's something to further look into for sure, located close by a lake and river at the same time.

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island sweet said...

nice to discover your blog and shop and someone else who thinks about re-using... i look forward to seeing your rug in progress too.