Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Just living

I just pick up some yarn these days and see where my hands will take me...I don't have a plan or pattern behind it.
Scrap yarn hats and doily tams are side by side, just like winter and spring.

I have had 2 teeth pulled today, my wisdom tooth and the back tooth next to it. Actually it was not as bad as expected, but I feel a bit weak. My left cheek is swollen. I took a nap earlier, but I really will have to start taxes as there are only a few days left until I'll meet our accountant.
In a perfect world I would crochet in my rocking chair, sitting in my crafty hobbit house and not have any worries:)

1 comment:

sunsail said...

Sounds like a case of winter doldrums! :)

Angela, I saw that you posted a a tam with a brim a few days ago... I'm thinking I'd like one for the summer. Is there any way of making one from non-yarn (like not fuzzy, hot yarn), like nylon or something?