Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Post without pictures:)...and Psychology of Clothes

1. Alpaca blend tam in brown (new material)
2. "Mushroom" hat, a bubbly balloon-type design which reminds me of the head of a mushroom

Moving on to my topic of the day:
I googled articles about the Psychology of Clothes, a very interesting subject for me.
My initial question was: Does it influence my working self (productivity, creativity, business success) if I crochet in my pjs or oversized sweats without any kind of style other than being comfortable?
Or in other words, even though I may be the only person who sees myself working at home, does it effect my self-esteem, self-perception, my crafting life?
I don't try to scientifically deal with this subject, I am curious if I can influence my crafting life by clothes I put on myself.
I found several articles to support my idea that putting yourself together (whatever dress-style you may have), will actually impact your working at home (without client contact).
Exert from "Clothes Psychology: What Your Clothing Tells Others About Who You Are and Who You Want to Be"

Do get "dressed" daily. It's easy to slip into a pattern of throwing on anything, particularly when you're not planning to go out anywhere special. However, this can set your mood to expect a monotonous, ho-hum day. Try putting on something special even when it's not a "special" day, and take notice of the change in your attitude.
If you want more scientific in depth reading I recommend these free internet sociological psychology sources

The Psychology of Dress: An Analysis of Fashion and Its Motive

The Psychology of Dress

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