Thursday, April 10, 2008

Truly WEARABLE Art in Crochet -- AnnieBriggs, a personal favorite

has been in the crochet clothing & accessories business for quite a while, but it has not been until recently that I stumbled upon her creations listed on Etsy.
When I spotted one of her jackets in her forum avatar I instantly clicked on the image of a, what I would call a Bohemian inspired crochet jacket, beautifully handmade in cotton crochet and accentuated with fabric ties. Besides jackets she also creates skirts, tunics, tops and hats and smaller accessories, mainly for women, but also some girl clothing.
Most appealing to me is that her sweaters are extremely wearable and versatile. I could imagine myself wearing them with jeans, casual skirts or any elegant attire (what I usually don't wear, but it all seems possible). Some high-end designers incorporate crochet into their lines, but at times I doubt the functionality of see-through dresses or tops unless you are super-skinny or 18 and coverage is no subject. AnnieBriggs' crochet on the other hand looks functional and runway-worthy.
When I conversed shortly with Annie she revealed that she may soon persue a different career outside of the craft world. And close her crafting business. If you like her crochet fashion you should act quickly and visit her website and Etsy shop. If I didn't have a huge sum of money invested in all my inventory (yarn) and if I couldn't crochet, I would order the jacket above. Most definitely! (But, since I have all my yarns and call myself professional crocheter, I guess I will just have to make a BoHo jacket for myself soon.) Hope it will turn out at least half as pretty as Annie's.


Graceful Babies said...

wow that is beautiful! Absolutely amazing!!

whimsicalpam said...

Gorgeous jacket and great interview.
Thank you for the comment on my blog. I can't tell you how much everyone's comments on that post meant to me.

IslandBaby said...

I wish I knew how to make something like this...absolutely beautiful!!!

alamodestuff said...

My grandmother taught me how to crochet when I was small. Unfortunately, the only thing I can make is a long chain. I envy those who make beautiful things with yard!

High Desert Diva said...

Love the fitted jackets!