Saturday, April 12, 2008

Selling crochet hats like hotcakes -- No Problem for PDXBeanies

Part 4 and end of my little series of crocheters/knitters who stand out in the crowd and have caught my eye and admiration for both their work and marketing.
Today I present another crocheter who is pretty wellknown among Etsy members:
The Portland Beanie Company or simply pdxbeanies on Etsy has achieved an amazing selling record of beanies, scarves and Mary Jane slippers. Always cotton, always consistent color scheme, always beautiful. You can recognize her listings without looking at the shop name. Her distinctive style of product and presentation are unique. Sadly she has been copied a lot recently.
If you ask whether crochet can be successfully sold on the internet, shops like pdxbeanies prove it to be possible. She has my genuine admiration for both design and marketing ... and all the long crochet hours that go into keeping up a successful handcrafting business.
(There are so many more talented crocheters out there, and I don't know all of them, so, just consider these 4 designers as examples only.)

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