Saturday, April 19, 2008

Old World Charm for my backyard

It takes more work to go green, but is so worth it.
Our stormy Okie weather didn't allow this retro look yet, but finally it's time for some old-fashioned line-drying. And the fresh smell is amazing.
I used to line-dry all my life until I moved here. It was tempting to just toss everything into the tumble dryer and be done with it. Several ruined sweaters and delicate fabrics made me rethink and finally drive to the hardware store. Half an hour extra work goes a long way, on our electricity bill and conserving energy.
(When I took the picture I didn't realize I had all my pink jammies hanging there as a focal point, but o well, that's just the way it is:)
Happy weekend!


LazyTcrochet said...

It is a lot more work, but a great way to save energy!

Helen said...

There's nothing like the fresh smell of cloths that come in off the line. I did that for years until some dumb politicians got the notion to ban clothslines :(

Mary Ann said...

It makes me wish I had a clothes line. I put a drying rack out on my deck in the nice weather for things that can't go in the dryer and I love it.

Love your hats too!