Tuesday, March 11, 2008

We need to "get out there"

And I am not talking about a cruise or the internet either:)
But into the real life sunshine and events>>>t-shirt weather in Oklahoma, hurray!

I have shifted to some warm weather designs because I am playing with the thought of doing my first craft shows this year. Coming Sunday will be an Art & Craft Fair in Shawnee, OK, and we'll go to look on. It's not too far to drive and we will have fun just looking around. That way I can easier decide if this is a way of vending for me.

I made this cute little toddler blouse the other day. And I think it's sweet. Maybe I will get into sewing more now that it starts to warm up. I'll see how well I will be doing with clothes.
I am about to list a few more other tams on Etsy and my website, check them out, the links are located at the left of my blog.

So far the new year really didn't present itself in any outstanding way for us, it's been work, cold weather and staying at home a lot. We are so ready to travel and have some fun.
We are in the process of planning a short spring vacation to Mexico. Searching for blues festival tickets in Oklahoma (Tulsa used to be great, but we couldn't find any info for 2008) and check out some craft and art festivals which we found with this website http://www.craftmasternews.com/index.htm

The whole online advertising and socialising sites and communities like Etsy are fine, but get boring after a while. Inspiration comes from the real world. I like being online, but the longer I use the internet, the more I see the importance to shut it off for a while and go outside and live.

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Grizzly Mountain Arts said...

Your blog and items are very beautiful! Thanks for the lovely comment you left on ours! Jo :)