Tuesday, March 4, 2008

If there was no electricity ?

How could we live these days?
I had 5 minutes notice that the electricity would be shut off this morning. Ok, I said to myself, I will survive.
My crochet hook doesn't need power. I picked up my yarn and hook, moved to a seat close by the window and sat quietly. I enjoy quietness.
After half an hour it got cold in the rooms. Oh yes, the heating system runs on electricity.
I longed for a hot cup of coffee, no chance, stove and water heater run with power.
I went outside to play with our dog. The march sun was nice, but it was chilly in the shade. I washed my hands when I came back in, and realized that our water pump ran with electricity.
There is always only a small reservoir left, so, be careful how much you use.
I sat back down and finished my hat.
It was very quiet, no refrigerator buzz, no heated air came out of the vents, no pc noise, no tv, no music, no news, no phone.
All I had were candles.
After 2 hours the power came back on...and I have to admit, I was relieved. Can you really go back to the simple good old life style from one minute to the next?
No, not really. You have to have wood to burn, an oil lamp to light, and an attitude that goes with it.
I sure would like to learn how to live without though. With emphasis on LEARN.

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capitolagirl said...

My power went out over the weekend for about three hours. I was mid-blog..how does a blogger blog without electricity! Enjoyed your post :-)