Thursday, March 27, 2008

So, is this just another consumer blog?

Well, I hope NOT.
So I spend most of my days making hats and sometimes clothes. I don't call myself designer or artist. A crafter is what I am. I don't strive for euphemisms. No need to upcycle myself:)
Compared to the work of a physician or nurse who are highly valued in our society, why would I think that I am significant? Selling more stuff to people?
I was thinking about this long and hard.

Ok, so here is my product. A hippie tam "snood" hat. A tangible item. A useful item. It shelters from cold weather.
But someone may say: Just go to any large store and buy it there, what's all the heck about a handmade hat?
Now I need to come back and reply: I have made this hat without electricity, without a machine. Because there is no crochet machine. It has been done by hand with a primitive hook.
And may I also add that I am an adult, no child exploitation was involved in making that hat, no hazardous fumes. I am selling in this country where hardly anyone remembers how to make things themselves anymore. Self employed. And I don't need to follow trends, I am free to make it in any color I want. Pink may be the color doctrine of the season, but I have the freedom to use my own color scheme. If my customer loves reggae, I will make one for her/him.
Being able to provide all-day items like hats, made by hand seems like a lost life style. It's just a small atom in elemental life, but just like cooking your own meal, growing your own veggies, walking a few minutes instead of parking right by the entrance, it brings us back closer to our own true human nature.
We weren't given wheels, but legs, hands, not machines and brains, not conformism.
It's also in opposition to the all-mighty brand names that make items desirable. Yes, in the world of big biz, PurpleSage Designz, is a nobody. And I cherish each customer who decides to buy one of my products instead of reaching out to a well-known prestigous brand.
Handmade in the USA or any other so called "industrial" country is a healthy counter- development. Less consumerism of use-once-toss-tomorrow items, valuing environmental-friendly skills and having the mom&pop businesses back in our lives will contribute to a happier healthier life.
Oh, and let's not forget, adorning ourselves with fancy head gear and pretty colorful clothes is part of the human nature and can be found in any ancient tribal society. Or, just watch the birds:)


Anonymous said...

I applaud you for writing this. I can't say enough how much I agree with every word. Great post!

Red Earth Art said...

Your nailing it pretty good from how I see it. There was a time when the majority of clothing in this country was hand made or sewn. To see someone with your talents is an true inspiration

Anonymous said...

I don't think it is euphemistic to say you are an artist. I think you are very artistic and the color in your designs are very lovely.

Nothing small about clothing others in a beautiful way, either.

Love the snood, BTW.