Saturday, March 8, 2008

Creating frenzy

What I have learned from completing my taxes?
Well, one fact is: I have way too much material and unfinished inventory.
This bothered me to the extent that it triggered a lot of energy to make new things. Loving this feeling:)
Above are only a few new tams that I have listed on Etsy today.

And I have uploaded a lot of sweet vintage aprons and some sewing patterns to my 2n etsy shop Retrochicboutique.

With snow storms still all over the country I also listed another warm patchwork scrap hat on my website Purplesagedesignz

That's not all. I have finished my first little girl peasant top of all the sweet clothes I am planning for my next project. Blumenkinder (flower children). I already registered the shop on Etsy, but I am not sure yet if I should test run them in my main Etsy shop first.

I love to create, and with sticking to my new schedule of creating first, marketing second I hope I will have a busy spring and summer season.
Off to enjoy my weekend. It is an amazing Saturday evening outside, with temperatures in the mid 50s.

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