Monday, March 3, 2008

First tornado warning ...and winter is NOT over yet

It was a stormy Sunday night, with tornado warnings, severe thunderstorms and all the weather turmoil that Oklahoma has to offer. Very early in the beginning of March, and tornado season has arrived with a bang.
We sat and watched the local weather channel with Gary England for many hours, trying to stay calm but yet prepared if we had to take measures to go into shelter. I just wish we had a storm cellar, we really need to invest into a shelter function within our house. I watched our huge trees and as much as I love them for shade in the summer, they are scary so close to the house during storms.
And today we are supposed to get snow again. Right now the wind outside is fiercly gearing up for a little bit of snow storming.
I just hope I will make it to Hobby Lobby and the tax accountant before we'll get snowed in again.
As long as we don't have any damage, power outage or lose our cable, we are just every spring is crazy dangerous weather season here.

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