Monday, November 3, 2008

one more day

What should I post about one day before the US presidential election?
It's almost like I am holding my breath.
I told Sid the other day that I will apply for the US citizenship if the democratic party wins.
I have been holding off so far because there is a lot of paperwork involved in order for me to keep my original nationality. The German citizenship will be lost if if I take on a foreign citizenship unless I can provide proof that it is a necessity to take on the new one and keep the old one as well. Besides paperwork money will a big factor as well...
I am almost at the point where I will settle for the US citizenship only.

Custom orders...I did a lot of those lately and usually not many people other than the buyers see the pictures.
At the top of the post are a few tams that were made with the ideas and according to the specifications of some dear customers.
Below are new tams that I will list soon in my web-shop Purple Sage Designz

These are new in my Etsy shop

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