Saturday, November 22, 2008


when I found out that the Christmas package from Germany has been partially emptied by thieves.
My sister, my mum and a friend had carefully selected German Christmas specialties, hard-to-find vintage Burdas and a designer sunflower ceramic pottery piece. They paid dearly for postage as the package was filled to the brim.
Thieves cut it open, took Milka candy, crochet books, the Christmas goodies and dumped other people's Christmas cards and trash into it. I feel sorry for the original writers of these cards as their packages to loved ones were affected as well.
We still have a few goodies to they left some packages of Lebkuchen and Marzipan...
and the pottery.
May those low down people ache from eating other people's food and lose their job with DHL.
My sister will file a complaint.
Maybe they can find satisfaction for the financial loss...but the loss of trust into shipping services will last longer.
I was going to post a picture of my Christmas package, filled with all the special candy which you can only find in Germany, but ...
Sometimes it's hard to maintain the Christmas spirit.

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Lynn said...

How sad. I am so sorry.
I try to find German candies for my mother in law, born in Berlin. She now lives in MN. She loves Mazipan.
I'm glad some of the gifts got to you. Shame on those stupidos!