Friday, November 28, 2008

No Black Friday...

I got nothing going on for Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
Not in my own online shops nor did I hunt any new bargains.
In fact I had planned on thrifting today...and both downtown thrift stores were closed.
Downtown appeared like a ghost town, half of all the shopping locations were either closed at the end of the week or they had given up permanently.
What a pitiful sight.
We spent Thanksgiving with Sid's entire family which was a huge feast since everyone brought plenty of food.
There seems to be the understanding that Thanksgiving may be viewed negatively in context of the genocide of Native Americans, but where we live, Thanksgiving is a tradition which is being celebrated by Native American families (as is Sid's family). The main focus may not be on the first white settlers though.


Red Earth Native American Art said...

I know what I want for xmas now.. lol

Lynn said...

How interesting. I'd love to hear how the Thanksgiving went and what the focus was on. I imagine, family and peace.
Thanks for sharing this.