Sunday, November 16, 2008

I knew that the hippie movement was dead when it became a fashion...

(this awesome little hippie girl gif was spotted here)
but some of us still try to live in the "spirit of hippieness"... however we define it.
On the other hand for many it's just a hollow cliche of tie-dye clothes and peace necklaces, obviously.
Yet ... handmaking and selling homemade wares to like-minded folks is a part of the "hippie lifestyle".
If you want to list a little patchwork skirt and you think Little Hippie Patchwork Skirt is a fine title,
well, think again, because "Little Hippie" has been trademarked by a New York based company.
Fake biz world hippies are policing their brothers' and sisters' wording now.
This doesn't need any further comment from my side.

On a positive note:
It was great to just step away from it all this weekend and meet and do something with nice people.

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Lynn said...

Who would have thought when we were living the hippie lifestyle in the 70's that it would one day become commercialized. My own son, who grew up in one time had a business selling tye-dyed t-shirts first at faires and later in stores he owned. ;0