Saturday, June 14, 2008

June=a month for catching my breath

I haven't really promoted nor "loved" my blog a lot lately.
Secretly I have declared it my semi-vacation month, not going anywhere or doing anything special, just granting myself a bit more time to live, plan and relax.
No pushing or promoting.
My mantra is about self-centering myself.
Since this is not solely a biz blog I think it's fine to say that a one-woman business is not always an energizer-bunny company which cranks out the latest hip styles in a seemingly effortless manner.
Always a smart comment, always on top of things.
Listen to your body's voice and take it slower if needed. A break from time to time won't throw us back but allow us to come back with more creativity and fruitful thoughts.
So instead of bla bla bla, I give my blog a little break.

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