Tuesday, June 10, 2008

All my unfinished projects...

I have 1 complete bin of hats, halter apron tops and other small crochet projects that need finishing touches.
Above is an experiment to go back to my 1960s/1970s vintage inspired hippie crochet clothing style which was my signature when I still sold my crochet wares as Retrochicboutique on Ebay.
When the poncho craze dwindled down I concentrated on sweater jackets, and went from women sizes to children sizes later on. For a crocheter it made all the difference in work amount and I wanted to mix up bright colors, easier for little girls than for the ladies.
After making mainly hats I was pretty much exhausted getting to the final edging process of this hippie crochet smock vest sweater.
Once I am back in the mood to complete them I will have tons to show off.

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