Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Blumenkinder? Thinking about opening a new Etsy shop.

(UPDATE: I got my shop up and running...check it out here)
I registered an account with Etsy called BLUMENKINDER (German for flower children, a friendly expression for 1960s hippies, but you can take it literally as well and it will refer to children and flowers)
I cannot retrieve my pictures of children clothes that I had uploaded to my photobucket account some years back when I was selling under my ID retrochicboutique on Ebay.
Many crochet outfits, hats, bright and cheery.
But I found this little flash intro on my About Me page and copied it to show off some work of the past.
Blumenkinder would have a different concept though, less mainstream, more eco-conscious, pretty Little Hippie Mama designs. Still thinking about it, as another shop will be a lot of additional work, but vintage style crochet girls clothes still intrigue me until this day.

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