Thursday, May 1, 2008

Weather turbulances, May Day and website update

It's officially here, tornado season. All evening long we have watched the weather channels as they report about severe thunderstorms with tornado potential not far away from our home, actually our friends probably got hit pretty bad with hail and had to take shelter. Up to now it looks like the storm is not going to head directly into our direction.
Time to light a candle and pray. It's that time of the year when dangerous situations can occur without a lot of time for preparation and inhabit a potential thread to life and home.
Usually we lose a lot of power in the month of May, so, I just leave this notice on here, I may not be able to power up my pc if anyone doesn't here back from me in a timely manner.

May Day, or the First of May as we call this official Day of labor in Germany. Celebrating the strength of the work force, the emancipation of workers in the economical play field with the help of unions, better work rights and a broader higher eduction. Funny thing, it's a holiday for most people in Germany, and workers enjoy a day off. Traditionally there are public "Dancing into May" party events on the last day of April. Well, I almost forgot about it, I am estranging from German culture and happenings. I have worked for MYSELF (and not a boss) all day today, so, hurray to my May Day.

On a lighter note, it's been pretty been busy, busy,
I have tended to my website with this 2 color choice hemp wool custom tam listings. (above pictures...they are available here in different hemp wool yarn colors. I am happy I could find a good supplier and stocked up large quantities.
Purple Sage Designz

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