Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back from my hiatus

(100% large bamboo yarn visor tam, available here)
It's been a while since I posted.
Lots of personal business.
One sad story:
We adopted a dog from the Humane Society and sadly had to bring her back after 6 days. It just didn't work out between her and our dog Oscar who had been with us ever since he was a puppy. Missy-Mouse, the fox terrier/golden retriever mix would have made an excellent single dog, but she turned out to be a very possessive and dominant dog once she was comfortable with her new environment. Her possessiveness of me as her person, the yard, the toys eg. made our Australian Kelpie mix Oscar eventually retreat to the point where he would hide from her just to be left alone. Oscar tends to avoid confrontations and enjoys playing until he gets tired, but Missy-Mouse went beyond playful behavior and eventually started bullying Oscar. There was nothing I could do to intervene and it saddened and stressed me to the point where I had to make a decision: keep a peaceful family life (and our dog was always part of the family) or take the chance that things may change eventually. After Mouse jumped on Oscar while both dogs were relaxing under the patio table, I had to decide to let her go. The HS accepted her back the day after.

Dog Adoption may be a good thing, but it may not work out, regardless of good intentions.

I did work on new tams, but the photographing part wasn't always possible.
Yesterday was a severe tornado day with several touch-downs, luckily they all happened in rural areas with hardly any population. We stayed watchful of the weather all day since it was not immediately happening in our county, but at the same time we had severe thunderstorm warnings that may have turned into tornados.
The strong winds would have blown my mannequin head of the table outside.
I managed to list one bamboo salt&pepper visor tam this morning before we took off to a classic picnic in the park with most of Sid's relatives returning to town for Memorial Day.
And as the story goes, sitting idle for many hours makes me even more tired than working, so, tomorrow will be another day;)

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