Saturday, May 31, 2008

Things I enjoy

If I had 48 hours in each day I probably could achieve all the things I want.
But the heat cuts back my activity to roughly 8 hours.
Forcing me to be patient with unfinished crafts and gardening plans. Taking it slowly in sultry Okie climate.
I have put a lot of my craft-earned money to several garden and house projects. This lovely, but generic Lowe's patio bench makes me happy, because for a former life-time apartment dweller, it means a great deal to put a bench in front of our house instead of sitting on a drab north-side utility balcony facing the back of some large apartment building.
I especially love our 2 cheap (plastic) humming-bird feeders, so far I had no luck taking pictures of the tiny birds in action yet.
The greatest and most anticipated project will be a real hardwood floor in butterscotch tone in our living room. Detail work has been started and in June we will finally get this natural upgrade for our main living area.
Even though this post doesn't really contain a message, it's a life sign, no, I haven't abandoned my blog. Revealing a bit of "modesty" when it comes to small things that bring me happiness.
In times of rising prices for living and fun, I am grateful to be happy with my little treasures around the house and outdoors.

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