Thursday, December 3, 2009

Time is ticking away

Hours are running quickly these days, it's a matter of perception. Despite the physical law of an hour and a minute staying a constant.
I believe it is defined by our living in the future, we think about when the holidays are here, when all orders are packed, when all gifts are wrapped.....thinking ahead and not living in the today.
Since my daughter will be home for Christmas, I keep thinking about this one week around Christmas when I can have some daughter-mother time with her again.
She is here just once a year.

I have not logged into twitter for months, not sure I will keep up social networking. And I am still not convinced that I will need a facebook page ever.

Random projects:
I have found a great wholesale source for pure hemp yarn, in outstanding quality for crocheting and knitting.
And I have started to list a few skullcap sized beanies, to broaden my offer on different hat styles.
They are available on Etsy (pictures).
Have a safe time, grab a cup of tea and just sit back for a while. To make that clock tick slower:)


KnotGypsy said...

These hats look like a lot of fun to make!

As for social networking,

If anyone is interested, these has been my experiences:

I'm not sure I like Twitter all that much. It is a recent thing for me. I am having fun with Facebook, but that is more personal (I have found some old Army Buddies there).

I do like Squidoo and Stumbleupon. Both have brought me a pretty good amount of traffic and they are not so time consuming once you get set up. Squidoo requires the building of a "Lens" (webpage) and it requires periodic updating (I do it every couple of months or so). Stumbleupon only requires the toolbar and a profile page...then all you have to do to stumble something (including your own blog posts and listings) is to click on the thumbs up symbol and click on a few items and it is done. (I like to stumble my favorite artists' sites as well.)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog!

Abby said...

Those hats look great! Beautiful work. =)