Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Random Ramblings ...good bye 2009

Another year makes way for a new decade.
I am not the person to announce New Year's Resolutions, but for every new decade I have a vision. About new directions, goals.

Have my desires for change been more radical in the past I feel like I am in a good place now.
Instead of re-inventing, changes of patterns and minor adjustments are my goal for 2010.

And as a nice analogy I attempt the same for my craft.
Advancing, perfecting, diversify.

My newest project: hairpin lace for different garments and even hats.

New hats with structured patterns will be part of my focus in 1010.

My book library is growing thanks to this great site

Snowstorm in Oklahoma on Christmas Eve

Our daughter came all the way from Germany to be with us on Christmas. We were happy to have 3 of our 4 children home on Christmas Day.
Even though our activities were limited by the winter weather we enjoyed a good time together.

And Sherlock Holmes turned out to be a great movie.

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Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

I can remember exactly where I was when this awful decade came into being. Believe it or not, when I rang in the new year on January 1, 2000, not only was I stone-cold sober - I was at church! My then-girlfriend and I attended a special midnight mass at the local Catholic church to welcome in, not only a new decade, but a new century and a new millennium. I remember feeling filled with optimism. By entering this new era, I felt, we could wipe the slate clean. Maybe this would be a new age of peace, love, brother and sisterhood. EVERYBODY SING!

This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius!
Age of Aquarius!

How utterly naive on my part, huh? By year's end, all of that hope was out the window and into the toilet. In December of 2000, an ideologically perverted Supreme Court would assist in a stolen election by stopping the vote count in the state of Florida, installing a corrupt little frat boy with the I.Q. of a half-eaten box of Milk Duds as president of the United States. It was all downhill from that moment on. From the birth of "Reality Television" to the worst attack on American soil since the Civil War, it was quite a strange ten years to say the least. Thankfully this awful decade is a mere three days away from being forever consigned to history's scrap heap. Hallelujah.

By the way - I saw Sherlock Holmes. Excellent! Downey is the finest actor of our generation.

Tom Degan