Friday, June 26, 2009

I need to show off my new patchwork skirts

In the triple digits F heat, not much I want to talk about really.
But I am proud of sewing new hippie skirts for the patchwork loving mamas out there.
A welcome break from crocheting tams every day. (I still make them in the evening, but sewing during the day). With many sun tea breaks:)
Both patchwork skirts are for sale at my Purple Sage Designz website. They are made partially with recycled fabrics, an eco-friendly choice.

These skirt themes are already in queue:
Groove Beach skirt
Indigo Blues Patchwork skirt


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Gloria said...

Love your skirts. Learned how to sew in the 70's middleschool. I also make and sell similar hats word of mouth ...lots of earthy, vegetarian, vegan, holistic persons in my area who just love these types of hats.

I look forward to browsing your blog and see your next work of art.