Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Etsy SEO or Why you don't find my hippie tam hats listed on Etsy when searching with google

I have been on Etsy selling my handmade hippie hats for 2 years now.
I had my 2nd year anniversary this June, to be precise.
But there is no reason to celebrate.
With the changes made to my titles which will be crawled by the search engine bots, all my listings have significantly dropped in search priority.
"Handmade accessories on Etsy - (my own title starts here)
This is the new look of my most precious real estate on the net now.
I did not add Handmade accessories on Etsy - , it was added by Etsy.com
and the - is another addition that this venue (where I pay duely my fees) has stuck into MY title, to add yet another character (which the search engine doesn't like) into my title.
Now imagine that all hat makers, scarf knitters, any accessory creator have the same title beginning
"handmade accessories on Etsy -".
Not only are our listings considered spammy now, but the length of our titles has been artificially lengthened and are not properly read by google anymore.

I have been vocal in the Etsy forums, but no definite answer has been given if this will be reversed.
So, kind people, if you wonder why I don't show on searches with my Etsy shop anymore, that's why.

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