Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer Blues

I was not sure how to title today's post.
Funny thing is the events of the recent days gave me Summer Blues, sort of.
A crocheter's nightmare is when heat keeps people from even thinking about tam hats.
Or is it the new search which has been introduced on Etsy recently which made my sales almost non-existent?
Teaming this latest development with a variety of blue tams I feel like the "Summer Blues" are here:)
My all time favorite color has always been blue, followed by green. But yet I have never made a whole lot of blue hats, don't know why.
Recently I worked with a lot of blue shaded yarns and when I started to take pictures yesterday, I noticed how many I had made in blue.
Available in my Etsy shop, on Artfire and on my Purple Sage Designz website.

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