Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wishing you a peaceful and green 2009

According to a survey broadcasted by CNN "green" was one of the most over-used and mis-used words of 2008. Along with bail-out, Maverick eg.

As consumers and small business owners we need to keep green a meaningful goal and a viable path for future life. Too often movements just deteriorate into marketing terms or hip life styles.
Easier said then done:). It's work and effort for each individual and not the easy way out. But can we really go back to convenience and thoughtlessness?

The Gaza border bombings remind us that we are far away from a peaceful existence on Mother Earth. I hope our prayers will result in ending the war conflicts in every corner of this planet. Sometimes we just cannot do more than pray when things are out of our control.

As far as personal New Year's resolutions, I haven't made any. If we manage to accomplish a fraction of all our positive intentions, we're good.

I still struggle to return to work, advertising and listing. The downtime with my hubby, daughter and visits with my son and daughter-in-law have been a welcome change of pace.

But tomorrow life will just be another work day for most of us and as long as we keep some of the holiday spirit in our hearts, we will be just fine.

Getting back into the groove of selling I have added a green tam to my website.
"A new tam a day" will be one of (my un-announced) goals for the month of January.

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tears fall like rain said...

lovely green tam, angelika! happy new year!