Saturday, December 13, 2008

Almost there...

I posted this on my website today. It's ME-time finally after a very busy fall season and early December.
Hi kind people, I have not added any products lately as I was busy finishing custom tams.
I have finished all custom requests and mailed all orders and have reduced the inventory to a fraction of what I usually offer.
At this time I cannot take on any special requests anymore.
My daughter will be home for Christmas and will fly in from Germany this Saturday. I will try to spend as much time with her as possible.
I will resume "business as usual" at the end of December with new One Of A Kind items and a few new customs designs along with the popular custom designs.
I will answer all emails regarding past purchases or future items since I am at home and have access to the pc, though.
Merry Christmas, much love & PEACE to all of you!***Angelika

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