Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I opened a new shop -- Purplesagedesignz on Artfire

To start the New Year right I stopped procrastinating and checked off a few things on my To Do list.
I had started a subscription with this new handmade/fine art/vintage/supplies/multi media/graphics market place last month, but got tired of so many hours spent online when I actually could create new products or live in the "real world".
Today was the day...traraaa!

Interested to check out the site if you are a seller yourself?
Here is some info for you...
Please keep in mind that Artfire is still in BETA, so there may be some tech problems from time to time, but it's cool to get into a start-up enterprise where members can actually make a difference.

ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

Register on ArtFire.com

1 comment:

Lakotalady said...

Is this not fair that I'm being ganged up on by both you and your husband and my husband doesn't have a blog, LOL.
It's nice to see a couple that both are being creative. I don't have talent. All I can do is cook, but I'm a cooking fool. We ride Harley's he is a motorcycle mechanic retired. I'm an 18 wheeler long haul, retired.
I have just decided to get into beading. I plan to make outfit with the beading and sell them. Lots of money in it and you don't have to make but a few a year. don't know if you went to my blog but here is the site if you care to.
I am a Lakota-Souix out of Wyoming. The picture of the 2 Natives are Chief's Sitting Bull and Red Cloud. Red Cloud is the one on the left.bye for now