Saturday, January 3, 2009

Good mannequins are like good friends...

or like good employees,
and all of them are hard to find.

I started out with a flower vase, and had a hard time selling any hat, even at rock bottom price on Ebay. Hats don't really show well hanging over a vase.

Then I found Emily on Ebay.
She is made of styro-foam, arrived a little deranged, and has a pretty small head. Too small for adult sized tams. But she accompanied Purple Sage Designz for many months and still models small or child-sized hats.

One of my best investments were around $30 for "The pretty Hippie girl". She looks awesome with her long brown hair and natural look. She has become the "front face" for Purple Sage Designz.

After working with this pretty girl for 2 years I kept searching for more heads. I finally decided on another girl, blue-eyed, tanned, pink lips, but was not 100% happy with her facial expression when she arrived. But, most other fiberglass mannequins look even more stuck-up, made-up or weird. So, she's pretty and okay, and is my "Mod Girl" as in "modern girl".

Eventually I felt the need to show my unisex tams on a male head, too. Once again, it was a long search and I settled for Era in grey. He's a dude and takes fine pictures. I really didn't want him to portray a certain look, ethnicity or type.

(I have my eyes on an auction for another girl model, Afro-American mannequin girl with a nice facial expression. And wigs, yes, I'll need more wigs, too:)

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