Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Poverty in the Western World -- In the back yard of the USA (Pine Ridge Reservation)

The Pine Ridge Reservation ranks #2 right after Haiti on the poverty list of the western hemisphere.

"Spreading the wealth around", is it really such a bad idea considering that even in bad economic times there is still an abundance of luxury in this wealthy country?

Even if the present government may not believe in social justice or giving to the poor with infrastructural programs, there are ways for us ordinary people to share what we may have to spare for people who need our help.

These are 2 organizations which I can recommend from personal experience as the donated goods reach directly the people who need help most.

Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation
Crafting For A Cause (crafter yahoo group which supports the Pine Ridge Reservation community services and 101 sponsorships for children and elders in need
Crafted items and store bought items are usually donated especially for the cold winter months)

Click to join CraftingForACause

Click to join CraftingForACause

There are more organizations out there and their non-profit status grants a tax-deduction for donations.
Now that Christmas shopping starts soon and we are lured into consuming more than we need, it's a good time to reflect on the needs of the poor right here in this country.

I refuse to feel helpless.
I believe we all can make a difference.

(More videos on the subject of Poverty which does not only refer to Native Americans can be viewed on YouTube, for example

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