Monday, October 20, 2008

Great book find -- Decorative Art 70s

Sid and I went book shopping yesterday since he was hunting for specific photograph volumes. I really didn't have a certain book in mind and just browsed through craft books, fiction and non-fiction bargains.
Besides another issue of Crochet Interweave, Candy Crochet (Candi Jenson) I discovered this life-style pop art book.
Edited by Charlotte & Peter Fiell.
Both a serious reference tool and enjoyable browsing material, this features over 600 images of decorative arts and design from the 1970s.
The futuristic, experimental aesthetic was everywhere, as well as a return to natural methods, an emphasis on craft, and pushing the logic of industrial living to its extreme. Once again, Taschen has assembled a comprehensive collection of photographs that define an era.
Out of print
I am fascinated with 70s culture.
As a lot of its architecture and fashion is considered a "hOW nOT tO dO iT" in our present design world, for me the 1970s represent a decade of experimental life-styles and social changes, reflected in both decor, community structures and self expression.
Many may call it ugly. But often we develop an unconditional love for the decade of our youth.

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That's wonderful!! I too found many amazing decorative items at!!