Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Feature, dentist and new tams

Today I just would like to add a brief update, as there are not many new things happening around here.

This blog feature just blew me away:
Thanks so much Angie of iheartnorwegianwood for all the kind words and pictures about my products that she purchased for her store in Montreal.

The dentist saga just keeps going on...and I don't want to make anyone cringe listening to root canal treatments. I am grateful to have affordable health insurance...for now. Through Sid's employer. I still spend large sums on co-payments and the expenses after my insurance coverage has been maxed out. My son does NOT have health insurance. I strongly hope for change, so that everyone in this country CAN go to a dentist. A tooth cannot be fixed with an over-the-counter medication, just like cancer cannot be cured with aspirin from Walgreens. America, join the Western world on health care for your people already, please, it's the 21st century!

Now, the busiest time of the year for crocheted tams has just begun. And I will update with many more OOAK tams as I have a huge inventory of yarns in smaller quantities. Each one will be unique and never repeated.

Available on my site and in my Etsy shop.


kim* said...

love hats. cover up bad hair cuts :P

Rosebud Collection said...

Wonderful hats..wonderful job, as usual..