Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sneak peek of new tams...and Thank You

Just a few brief thoughts.
I am not quite there yet to list in full swing again, but I do have new One of a kind hats and new colors for my basic hat designs. I will make that extra little effort to sew in loose ends, take pictures, edit and print new business cards this weekend and get back into the groove.
I still reflect on the time I had shared with my children over the Christmas holidays and now I try to get used to our 2-person household again. Too quiet:). Seems like there never is enough time to do all the things you had planned, in the middle of Christmas preparations I feel like I have left out something important to do or say to show them how important they are to me. Even if they are 20-ish that maternal instinct never fails...and we feel like we want to be that perfect mum straight out of a Hollywood picture. Of course we never reach that role model because only in the movies mums are perfect.
The end of the year evokes all this self-reflection, evaluation of past events and hopes for improvements. Whether it's related to our crafts or our personal life.
More altruism in our daily activities instead of talking about it..."Talk don't matter if the walk's no good" (song lyrics).
Heading further with "going green" in respect of mother earth, too.
Business-wise I have plans to become more independent from selling platforms and concentrate more on my website Purple Sage Designz. The internet has provided us with great tools to realize the small home-grown indie business. Technology and crafts performed with simple tools made a perfect match for me.
A big Thank You to all my great customers who trusted me with their kind business over the past few years.

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