Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Pure Wool Hippie Tam and struggle at the post office

For sale at Purplesagedesignz
I guess everyone is busy these days. I am no exception. I set a bit of time aside to give some love to my website. I am low on wares these days due to high sales, so please bare with me if you don't find the "right" hat in my stores prior to the holidays. For 2008 I have developed a lot of ideas for new designs. I just need time to realize them in yarn, wool, hemp and cotton:)
I listed this smaller pure wool tam today on my website, a classic cream color and a moderate size for those who don't have super-sized locks.
Ah, the post-offices....
Yesterday I had to take my yarn packages back home again with me because I hadn't paid attention to the print on the boxes. I had recycled some boxes which had contained chemicals in their former lives, like cleaners, clorox eg. A big no-no:)
So, I markered every print out, taped them in a very creative way just to take them back today. And they passed the inspection, oh my.
Anyway, I donated some afghan and baby yarns to members of my charity group. I don't seem to find time enough to contribute with crocheted items, so I decided to give away some yarn to those who have more time.

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