Monday, August 9, 2010

New tools are like new toys

Snatched up on Ebay from this talented woodcrafter:
who doesn't have anything for sale at this time. But check him out if you like handcrafted fiber tools.
As a craft biz woman in a small town I would be lost without Ebay, having the world's products right at my finger tips. It seems like people who have access to a large selection in big cities are the ones who tend to being a bit snobbish when it comes to Ebay. For many of us, it's Ebay, Etsy and other internet sources if we don't want to settle with our local Walmart:)  (And thank goodness for thrift stores with their eclectic wares!!!)

Shawl stick and crochet hook caddy:



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Rosewood handmade circular knitting needles

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Gloria P. said...

I couldn't agree more and I love new toys.