Saturday, August 28, 2010

Been cooking up something new

and no, I won't talk about the perch fish filets we had for dinner, either, I seldom do food posts, even though I do love to eat, just not make a big fuzz about cooking in general.

While I will always make hats, I was looking for a creative outlet that would not involve crocheting, so, I came up with knitting. I have been drawn to large acrylic needles and structured yarns, and if you crochet you know that loopy, knotty, boucles and highly structured yarns don't lend themselves very well to crocheting, unless you like to torture yourself.

But knitted with a simple garter stitch, these yarns come out alive and interesting.
And the trimming can be done in crochet as alternative to generic fringes.

And with my pictures I am entering the full size mannequin era, I am just not into modeling everything myself when the design calls for arms and shoulders.

Have a great Sunday and blessed be!


MiChelle - Omaha said...

VERY NICE! The design is creative, fresh, fun, and, very organic. Impressive.

herb mother said...

wow. im loving your creative stuff! i am hoping to crochet a dreadlock 'sock' for a friend and looking for a pattern. do you know where i could find one, or do you have one i could purchase??