Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Memory Lane -- 1970s

Growing up in the 1970s...a teen without a cell phone, in fact we didn't even have a land line. I went to the public phone booth to call my friends.
Embroidered blouses,  plateau shoes that made you trip over while crossing the street. Picking up the first feminist magazines at the newsstands. Dance-clubs were called "Discotheques" and you wouldn't know if a guy or a girl was walking in front of you until they turned around. It was hip to be political interested, preferably in the left wing. "Spiegel" was the weekly mag to read, besides "Bravo", the teen magazine of its time which introduced sexual education on a broad basis.
Hitch-hiking and shrinking jeans in the bath tub. A priceless decade to be young.

The music was as versatile as 10 years passed between the mod 60s and the pop 80s:

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Gloria P. said...

those were the days! I remember my first pair of platform shoes, I got them for Easter, long pink and white floral dress and of course a crocheted! I still try to live like I am in the 70's! lol I like my life simple!