Saturday, February 6, 2010

Those were the beginnings...flash back to early designz

As I was searching for certain pictures on my hard drive I came across some very old product photos of early designs. When designs became "designz".

(Someone in a forum called the "z" words "ghetto speak".
Some need to shove their arrogance up where the sun never shines.
My bank teller here in Oklahoma thinks it's cute.)

I had 2 different personalities as a clothes maker for several years on Ebay.
The children's custom boutique scene and my alter ego of hippie-esque clothes and hats which grew to be my true love.
This was my first patchwork skirt, sold on Ebay for $19.95...I was so proud when it sold:)
(Even though I made about $5 on it for endless hours of sewing:)

A custom dress top in toddler Retrochicboutique I was making a lot of crochet tops for little girls. A lot of work considering all the hours of work spent on some of the more elaborate creations.

Early hat selling pictures with a very simple digital camera as they got on the market in the early 2000's.

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