Saturday, February 20, 2010

February in hibernation

(Oklahoma Southern plains scene, typical for February)

This year the wait for spring seems longer than the past years.
Part of it could be because we enjoyed 5 awesome days in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and returned to bland OK country and its long hard winter, rather atypical.

Hibernation is the best word for my state of mind and being. More introverted. Even though I have come up with some fab ideas for spring I don't feel like the "Jack jumping out of a box" surprise thing, trara, look at my new spring collection. No, not yet.

It's still hot tea time, mainly Earl Grey and Spiced Chai, same as around the holidays. Just that I don't care to light my usual evening candle anymore. I would rather get out on the patio:)

Reading is probably a past time I will carry into spring & summer. The best way to change gears and get into "off time" mode (something that online reading would never permit to let me do, it was always semi-business.)

My reading list of the past few weeks is pretty eclectic, just like me, but with a strong tendency of fairie myth tales.

Destined to witness -- Hans J. Massaquoi (Autobiography, Growing up black in Nazi Germany)
The Middle Kingdom (the fairie world of Ireland) -- Dermot Mac Manus
Iny Lorentz -- Die Wanderhure (German novel, middle ages social drama of a fallen woman)
The Fair Folk (short stories) -- ed. Marvin Kaye
Twilight -- Stephenie Meyer

Presently I am reading "Fox Evil" by Minette Walters, a thrift shop find. Mystery novel in modern England.

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