Friday, February 26, 2010


I have neglected my blog lately.
Keeping computer time at a minimum these days because
...I need a new mouse, keyboard and printer as my old stuff drives me crazy and makes my "machine" not running smoothly and the surfing becomes a nightmare.
...flare-up of gastritis just when I have a huge amount of custom orders and really can't afford to take sick-time.
...anticipation of spring and yet another little front lurking around the corner with bad stuff like rain/snow
Okay, so I tried to put a little humor into my obstacles and just get over them. I always do.
I made an hour time today to finally get pictures of a new spring project. To cheer myself up and break the monotony of making hats.
Recycled and adorned with crochet: the black linen crochet eco dress (and it was yet another windy day and not easy to get good pictures, hubby said I should model it, and even though it fits me well, I declined as I don't have any vacation tan left:)

I also went a bit window shopping on the net and came across these fab crochet magazines:
Duplet (now I just wish I could read Russian, the pictures alone make me drool).

The Bohemian style crochet is the most elaborate I have ever seen. I can't even imagine how much time will go into a dress like in the cover picture. But I can look, dream and enjoy the mere possibility.

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AntiChristy said...

can you point me in the direction of that magazine online?