Sunday, October 11, 2009

Our daily bread

comes from a bread baking machine.
(Potato bread and country white bread in the picture).

It's the best alternative to kneading the dough by hand and and baking in a conventional oven. Time often is scarce and I am still a novice.
But since I come from the "bread country" Germany I had to find a way of accessing fresh crusty rye breads. I had already been so desperate to spend $14.95 on a 3lb loaf of traditional sour dough rye bread at a German deli in Tulsa.
It's trial and error now, but I haven't purchased store bread for weeks now. Most loaves were delicious, but some had to be tossed out, for example my sour dough breads that were...just sour.
But once hooked on a dense cispy crust bread there is no going back to "wonder" sponge bread.
For me bread is such an essential staple in my diet.

The baking mixtures are still the most reliable sources, but I have started experimenting with home-mixed flours and ingredients like butter milk, oils and herbs.
If anyone has some "sure" recipes to share with me, please do...

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