Saturday, March 28, 2009

This is just wrong

to wake up to snow storms at the end of March.
The picture shows the "remains" of our Mulberry tree covered under a blanket of snow.

I will update my website with pure wool tams tomorrow. I was debating whether to put them to the side until next fall, but the unpredictable weather has affirmed that wool tams should be available all year around.

If interested, please visit Purple Sage Designz tomorrow evening to take a peek.

In case you like my new blogger background and want to get a free background, please visit

I found her through google and the best thing about her templates is that you will not lose any of your gadgets on the sidebar when you implement her templates. With most other templates all your links and gadgets disappear after inserting a new template created outside of the typical blogger default choices. I also like how they cover the whole screen and never look "off".

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