Sunday, March 22, 2009

Farewell to a tree

It's sad to see trees being cut down.
In the case of our mulberry tree we waited as long as we could and helped ourselves with cutting back the limbs year after year to keep the hazard for our home as small as possible. Its growth got out of control. Living in the tornado alley makes it especially crucial not to have a monster size mulberry tree sitting right next to your house with huge limbs hanging over the roof.
This tree got so huge that it blocked the entire sunlight and kept the neighbor Magnolia tree from blooming on one side. The ground underneath was so shady and dry (since it sucked up all moisture and nutrients in the soil) that every attempt to grow grass spelled defeat.
The steel cable was left by the former owners of the property and once surrounded the 6 single trunks of the tree. While we watched over the years the cable was partially absorbed by the bark as the trunks spread wider and wider.

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