Thursday, March 26, 2009

About repetition, perfecting and work...

My handmade business has been very good to me...I receive plenty of orders and I seldom take a day off.
Lately I have been struggling with headaches and a flu bug.
I had cut back on crocheting and put Purple Sage Designz on the backburner for a week
I am getting back to my normal self and am so glad to have my energy back.

Normally I have a gazillion plans in my head for sewing new clothing and making new accessories.
But I have found out that trying too many new things can be stressful and will not always provide success. A little bit of repetition makes us masters in our own respect.
I have repeatedly sewn tiered patchwork skirts and find it so much easier now to gather, patch and sew these voluminous gyspy style skirts.
The pictures show 2 girls skirts I custom made for a dear Etsy friend. I am really happy with the outcome and the nice flairing silhouette.
I am tempted to take apart older designs and re-style them with my new expertise and experience.
Guess I'll just do it? One of these days:)

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