Saturday, September 27, 2008

Maybe it's a good thing NOT to be popular

Sometimes I venture to the blog of Emily of TheBlackApple because frankly I admire her. Even though her art may not be exactly the kind of paintings I would decorate my entire walls with, I have often considered ordering one or 2 prints that caught my eye. But since Sid is the "art person" in our house I have refrained from it.
But back on subject, she is a young lady who has made a name for herself with her paintings, prints and dolls and I love to see women entrepreneurs being successful, especially in the arts & crafts sector.
I just read her last post, and I am shocked about the hateful mail she receives from blog readers.
What is wrong with those people?
I seldom talk about people (on the internet) being nasty because everyone has a different perception about what is nasty or just a frank honest statement. I personally tend to say things without the sugar coating myself and have stopped commenting on most forums for this very reason, because I come across as "snarky" for those who cannot take an open word.
But, posting unsolicitated hurtful comments on someone's blog who is not "controversial" or attacking others, is just wrong.
This "Etsy world" (where TheBlackApple is selling her artwork) can be a good environment for starting out with arts& crafts. There are many helpful people to give support or answer questions about marketing, techniques and sales procedures. But, it can also be a shiny fragile bubble of fake "community" that bursts at closer examination beyond the shallowness and superficial words of some of its members.
Very sad.
But it happens everywhere...once you are good at what you do, gain popularity and exposure, the socalled critiques are in their wings to "bring you down" seen in sports, politics, and yes, in the Etsy community.

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